Sunday, October 5, 2014

Flying into October

We are cruising right along into the merry month of October, and things are starting to get really busy.  A big thanks to all of the parent volunteers who came out to help with the trip to the park, and in class last week.  We now have group snack up and running (thank you Ruth for setting the schedule), and our reading program has started up (thanks Robyn and Karyn for coming in and listening to students - we have gotten through a large number already, and are hoping to set some lofty goals...if you have time to come and listen to readers, let me know), and we will be going again to the park this week (McKellar) so if you have time to join us for the walk and some exercise in the park, that would be great.
In Science we have been exploring the properties of air, and how it relates to flight.  The experiments in class have been pretty interesting, but the rocket launching at the park was the highlight by far!  For anyone who is interested, the rocket package costs less than $20, and can be purchased at the Aviation Museum (water powered and very safe).  The video above is an online posting of the Bill Nye video we saw in class last week.  This week we will be constructing various items and testing their ability to glide through the air.
Just a reminder that Friday is a PD day.  If you ordered subs for all the days on the order form, the PD days that were incorrectly included on the form will be tacked on as two extra sub days at the end, which takes us into December.  See the CASC calendar for specific dates.
Just a reminder that picture day forms went home this past week.  The cross country run is on the same date, but we will have our photos done before the runners leave, so they can bring a change of clothes for the run.
And a note for all of your calendars...Our class will be hosting a Family Math Night (Math Freaks Come Out At Night) on October 30th, at Churchill.
Happy October!

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